Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Well I did the German presentation today. It went well :). Lol. Will start my personal statement soon, promise!!!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I have a German presentation to do on fun fun!
I will also start reading Music of life. I have to pack for my Biology Trip to pembroke, wales next week!!!

peace x

A few more updates

I did start my volunteering lol, I volunteer at a hospice on Saturdays haha.
And my medical ethics books is pretty informative, must write up some notes about it. The book is called a very short introduction to medical ethics :)

Weird Medical Cases

True Human Tail (Vestigial Tail)
Frequency: Around 100 documented cases all around the world.

Cause: It isn´t well known. Some scientists think it is caused by a mutation of the genes that produce the cellular death that were destined to create a tail.

Description: It is observed the presence of a vestigial tail in the final zone of the sacral bone. This tail is compound of conective tissue, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, skin, vertebrae and cartilage.

Now that's cool. Not so much for the patient though :S

Medical Preparation Day

Oh yeah, took part in a medical preparation day yesterday. Was quite informative lol, especially thinking about how to write the personal statement, but dammit there was no food!!! They gave us an evaluation sheet at the end of the day and one of the things we were asked to rate was the food. Guess what score that got...
Anyways, I want to finish my personal statement by the end of this week.
Also got some interesting looking books from my school library- Gonna start with the Music of life. Will be writing up notes about it soon.
Also need to continue YASSSS!!!!

peace x


Haven't posted in a long many exams.
Basically i think I kinda screwed Chemistry up.
German, Russian, Biology and Maths went good :)

Oh well, right now I'm working really hard for the start of A2.
I booked my UKCAT test for the 31st of August also fingers crossed!!!

peace x