Monday, 6 December 2010


This is a bit late, but I've been invited for interview by Cambridge, Barts and the London and King's college.
Still waiting on UCL though lol.

I had my Bart's interview last thursday (2nd December) I think it went well.
I had prepared a lot, especially the article on saviour siblings that they had given me prior to the interview.

Today I'm leaving for Cambridge because my interview at Emmanuel college is tomorrow (7th December).

My king's interview is on the 16th December.

AAARRGGH i'm so scared, especially about the academic side of the Cambridge interview.
I shouldn't be scared because i think I know my stuff, but sometimes I think i'm just lucky to get good grades, and I don't deserve them.

Hmmmm we'll see how it goes, I'm coming back tomorrow afternoon, so wish me luck!!!

Peace xx

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