Saturday, 20 August 2011


I'm feeling great, and preparing for Uni.
I've got my accomodation, appaz i'm staying in Schafer House, about 5 mins away from the main campus. Nice!
But I hear rumours that it's pretty shit.
Don't matter, i'm doing medicine!!!

All my friends got into their unis as well.
As for me, I start on the 26th of september, but i'm going to move in on the 24th.
I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
While I'm in med school, I'll try to update you on all that happens to me.
Though i'm well aware that I have no followers LOL
Oh well, this blog has always been mostly for me anyway.

I've started talking to people on my course and accomodation on facebook and TSR and what not, they seem nice, but of course it's always like that in the beginning.
I've also checked out some of the fresher's events, looks good! Us medics have a fresher's fortnight, including a beach party and also an actual trip to the beach!!

I know i'm going to feel homesick when I get to uni, at least for a while. But at least I'm in London, so i'll never be far away from home :) I can get some nice homemade food often :)

I'll update closer to when I move in, but for now, I can actually relax, start reading up, and enjoy the rest of my summer holiday :)

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