Thursday, 20 October 2011

Anatomy, Medical Imaging and Cringe-Worthy Lecturers

Hello again friends, welcome to another installment of the frantic-med-student show :P

Tomorrow, I'm having another introduction to the anatomy lab..although we had one a few weeks ago? What's going on there lol?
Anyway, last time, I saw a real live dead body (well, not so live I guess then) and I touched it. It felt like vulcanised rubber, so surreal...

Well tomorrow I'm back. I have my white lab coat ready (aah i'm so keen lol).

In the morning I had my Vertical Module session. We had a visitor who came in, and we were able to ask him about his take on the NHS, his personal experiences and his background. He was quite elderly, and so interesting! We nearly ran over because we all had so many questions to ask. I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to divulge any details about him on the internet, so I wont, but it was a great experience. I have to say I was a bit nervous at first..but we were definitely put at ease afterwards. I was a bit late to the session because a damn train on the damn Victoria line was not working or something GRRRR.

Today, the lectures were mostly about medical imaging:
MRI,US,CAT and plain film X-ray and the like. The lecture was really interesting, but the lecturer was a bit cringeworthy lol :/ Again I won't talk about him on the internet, it would be disrespectful. I WISH though, it was sooo funny!! Lol

But anyhoooo again..went to the library to try and get a start on learning some thoracic anatomy in time for lab tomorrow. I swear nothing entered my head. But then I always think that and somehow i retain the facts..we'll see how it goes.

I have a second year mentor, (cutest thing you ever saw), and he was saying that this module is nothing compared to the next few modules (like circulation&breathing, infection&defence etc etc) What the hell loool? I'm so tired already with this workload...there's gonna be more??? Haha, well it's my fault I applied for med. I genuinely think that people in med school are mad!!..we're quite extreme people! I mean why else would we put ourselves through 6 years of pain? Well I guess that dedication is what will contribute to making us good doctors :) Hardcore :P

Side note: I have to stop going to tiger tiger nightclub where all the creeps are...:/ Why the hell do i always end up there when I go on a night out?

I have to say though..I'm not really feeling my flatmates. I mean they're decent..but i'm just not clicking with them. Oh well doesn't matter, I have other mates outside my flat :) Or is it just me that's the problem..that's a possibility I have to consider lol!!!

Anyways..I'm pretty ill, so I should get some rest..but Eastenders on BBC Iplayer is calling my name...

Bed...Eastenders..Bed...Eastenders..I think Eastenders wins :P

Peace x


  1. hi, got your blog address from LHCF, i am a doctor internship...your blog reminds me of my early school life. I agree medical school is CRAZY! The workload is IMPOSSIBLE! CRAZY is the best way to describe it. I mean it was only after I came to that conclusion that I made the decision to go "mad" too and succeed. Just don't let it get you, have fun and go for it.

  2. Thank you for your support guys, I will definitely update more frequently. I fact I just updated now jonathan lol! x