Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Salsa Socials, Blood, Parties, Crappy Internet and Halloween

So guys, it's that time again.
The past week has been pretty hectic so I wasn't able to update , but this week I have a few days off, so I have time to write a nice long catch-up post haha.

I'm happy to see that's i'm getting a few more followers, I really want to share this journey with everyone, especially people who are aspiring to get into medical school. Thanks :)

So, it's been pretty hard in terms of technology this week, my laptop charger broke so i need to get a new one, and the internet in my accommodation was down also. I was at a loss lol. I've survived using the internet on my phone, but it's hard lookign at such a small screen.


This week I'm learning about blood groups and blood coagulation, it's really interesting! I say that about everything don't I lol?.. Yesterday we did stuff on the ABO blood grouping system as well as the Rhesus system. For example how to prevent complications when a mother is pregnant with a baby who is not the same rhesus group as her. (Btw it's genetically the daddy's fault if the baby is a different Rhesus group lol!)

Yesterday was halloween, and the guys and I went out for a night on the town. SO fun! I dressed up as a devil, spider queen thingy, it was hot lol! And I met a lot of people there too. Ugh there was this one creep in the club though...my guy mates had to pull me away, he was so disgustingly grimy! Makes me sick..

We've done more on the different types of Epitehlium in the body also...things like transitional epithelium in the urinary system, keratinised stratified epithelium (known as skin to us mere mortals), simple vascular endothelium which is one layer of epithelial cels. Glands often have a simple cuboidal epithelium, with larger glands having a stratified cuboidal profle. And so much more.

Yesterday had another transtion meeting. I find them very useful because our mentor is in the year above and he can give us those little tips that out lecturers never give us. I still need to learn my amino acids and what groups they are in (e.g. hydrophilic etc) but I think I'm coping well. But I do have a crapload of printing to do fml...

Last week we had this amazng lecture on palliative care. A lot of people didn't like it, and I get them, because it is a pretty depressing topic, but the lecturer was funny in a good way, and i liked his approach towards the subject. I don't think it's a career path that I would consider, I mean during my year working in a hospice i saw a lot of misery. But to be fair I also saw some beams of hope and kindness that make me keep faith in humanity.

I'm still going hard with my salsa lol, I love it! I Went to a social the other week, and we danced the night away. Tonight I have a lesson, but i'm not sure i'm going to the social, I'm really tired, and have a blood practical early tomorrow morning!!! :( But I least i have thursday and friday off after.

I find it hard to juggle all my work and social comittments and also find time for my self sometimes but i'm gradually striking a better balance. I'm definitely getting more sleep than the last time I posted lol, so I feel a bit healthier. But I still need to clean up my diet..need to set an example for my patients...as if I have any yet lol. A girl can imagine though haha!

So for the rest of today until salsa, I shall be working. I must force myself or I'll be a crap doctor. And let's face it, who wants a shite doctor? :P

Side note: I haven't been too distracted by boys yet...i'm happy, because they're destructive to studies loool

I'm still loving the uni experience..but i miss my laptop :(
My friend from sixth form is having her birthday party on friday, can't wait. She does biomedicine, and loads of my other mates are going. good times.

For now, I have to do some work...gonna revise histology and a bit of cell biology, I find that i'm pretty good at embryology lol, so that's OK for now.

I'm basically at the end of the FHMP module (foundations of health and medical practice), and I am about to start infection and defence next week.

Here is where the real work begins, guys.

Peace, friends!


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  1. What country are you in, and what year are you? I too am in med school, but I refuse to blog too much about that aspect of my life. However, I do like to follow others!