Saturday, 29 September 2012

End of the first week of term

Hey guys,
So I've made it to the first week of term.
Right after I finish writing this post I'm going to go over the week's lectures and plan some tuition for my job and stuff.
The whole no dating thing is very liberating I find, but why is it that when I take a decision like this, guys seem to crawl out of the woodwork?
It was my flatmate's birthday during the week so I've basically been eating crap! But I'm back on the healthy eating flex today haha.
I'm tutoring two students tomorrow and one of them during the week so I feel a bit thinly spread this week haha. But I can do it!

That reminds me, I need to cook some food for this week so I don't have to buy out.

So what have we been learning about this week?

Well it's been the first week of the module 'muscles and movement' so mainly about the structure of muscles, the histology of articular surfaces, rhythmic movements of walking and running, and some anatomy, particularly of the shoulder and axilla. We have the relevant anatomy sessions next week so I'm excited to be back in my white coat.

I haven't been going out as much...mostly because i'm poor and and can't be bothered.....
Well...more time for work isn't it? :P

Talk to you guys later!
Peace out..

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